Secrets of Magic 13: Dream big

Life presents us with many challenges. We might be struggling to regain our health, recover from a bad relationship, take care of people who depend on us, move out of poverty, establish physical safety for ourselves and our families. These immediate needs focus our everyday efforts and energy.

Magic helps us to meet those challenges. As we begin to hook into the power of the universe, we direct that power to help us heal, care for our dependents, get ourselves and our families into safety, and generate prosperity in our lives.

Whatever our situation, all of us have daily needs to meet. We must eat, sleep, work, play. At first we naturally direct our magical efforts to meeting those needs more quickly and effectively.

Magic also presents us with the opportunity to expand our limits and create an entirely new life for ourselves. We have already learned the practice of asking ourselves, “If I could do anything I want right now, what would I want?” Our answers might be practical and small at first.

  • “To sleep through the night.”
  • “To pay off my credit cards.”
  • “A babysitter for the kids next week.”

Magic doesn’t care whether we think small or think big. We can’t manifest what we stop ourselves from imagining. If you could do anything you want, what would that thing be?

For some of us it may be very easy to dream big. Others might have a harder time answering that question. We might cut ourselves off immediately, objecting that there are too many obstacles between ourselves and our biggest dreams. Or we might just be unused to exercising our imagination in this way. Here are some ways to explore and expand our dreams:

Ask your friends and family if you have ever talked about a dream for your life. Your closest circle might be aware of desires that you are unconsciously shutting down.
Remember a dream you had as a child that you have not yet manifested.
Think about a person whose life you admire. What do you like about their life?


I dream big.

Practice: Dare to dream

Look at all the answers you have written to the question, “If I could do anything I want, I would…” What is the most outrageous answer you have written? Now think of something even bigger. If you haven’t answered the question yet, write an answer to that question now.

Do you love to travel? Imagine traveling the world. Where would you go? If you are an artist, where would you like to perform or display your work? Imagine winning a prize. One way to get ourselves to dream big is to think about winning the lottery. Imagine winning a MegaMillions jackpot. If you won the jackpot, what would you do?

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