Secrets of Magic 15: Make space

However small or big the changes magic makes in our lives, any change requires some scope to manifest. We can help the magic manifest the change we want by making space for it.

Here is a simple example. Suppose we decide we want a new stereo system. Where will we put it once we get it? We decide where in the house it will go. Then we move everything else out of that space. The empty wall is a vacuum that calls the new stereo into that space.

Magic brings new things into our lives. When we stretch our magical muscles, we find ourselves exploring new ideas, traveling to different places, making new friends.

These new things may fit easily into our lives. We may also find that our lives are too crowded to let in new energy. The process of exploring our dreams may spotlight the ways in which we have let our lives drift away from what we really want. Some decisions may seem less wise in retrospect, or we may find ourselves chafing at restrictions we had previously accepted.

It is very normal to re-evaluate our lives when the energy of possibility begins to make changes for us. We might re-affirm the decisions we have made with a new enthusiasm, directing our magic to energize what we already have in our lives. We might also decide to move in a new direction. We might end a relationship, move to a new town, change careers, go back to school, devote ourselves to art or music. Each of these changes makes space in our lives to manifest the results we have dreamed.


I make space for magic to manifest in my life.

Practice: Create the stages

Make physical space in the place that you live. Clear off one shelf, or clear out one drawer, or a section of a closet. Live with the space for a time. What new thing will that space bring into your life?

Reread your answer to the question in the Dream Big practice section. Is there space in your life for that dream to manifest? If not, what can you do to clear the way for that dream?

If you want to learn to paint, you might find a corner for your supplies, and set up a table in that corner. To encourage yourself to learn an instrument, set up a music stand, and fill it with the music you want to play.

The space you need to clear may not be physical. You may need to clear time as well. For example, suppose your big dream is to make a certain salary each year. You have researched positions that draw that salary and decided one of these seems very interesting. A vocational school can teach you that profession at an affordable price. However, you volunteer three nights per week, so that you do not have time to attend school. The volunteer position may provide you with friends and emotional support that are more important to you than increasing your salary. Or you may be able to limit your volunteer activities to one weekend day per month, redirecting your time to learning your new profession.

You can jot a note about the space you clear in your journal. Later, it will be interesting to re-read that note and discover what changes have happened in your life because of that simple practice.

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