Secrets of Magic 17: Flow with the Seasons

The environment around us changes with the seasons. Whether we live at the seashore, mountains, or desert, near the poles or at the equators, the phases of the year affect all the plants and animals in our ecosystem. That includes us!

The cycle of the seasons makes an annual pattern of renewal. Each year has a beginning, a growth, a harvest, and a time of rest before beginning again.

Spring brings new energy into the world. In the desert springtime may be a brief flowering, in the plains and mountains spring can come late in the year with the snowmelt, and at the seashore it may be marked by a letup in the winter storms. Plants poke out of the earth and unfurl. Geese and ducks head for their summer homes. Many animals give birth to their young in this season.

Summer is a time of growth and strength. In the plains and valleys, the breadbaskets of the world, plants shoot up, young animals learn to eat and to hunt. In the mountains, hibernating animals scurry to build up fat and food supplies for the long winter. The summer sun bakes the desert, while the seashore breezes provide welcome relief from the heat.

In autumn the decreasing sun and increasing cold trigger changes in all living things. Fruiting plants provide their harvest and begin to go dormant or die. Hibernating animals prepare their nests. The last few clear and sunny days provide a final burst of warm energy before the change of the season.

Winter is the time to rest. In the deserts, plains and mountains, animals and plants retreat before the snow and cold, while at the seashore the winter winds and rains drench everything. The energy of the earth contracts. Even in this season, plants extend roots, and animals grow, building a foundation for the activity of the year to come.

The affect of the seasons on us isn’t as obvious as it is on the other creatures of the world. Nonetheless we too respond to the changes in sunlight and weather. We can become conscious of this and synchronize with the season to tap into its power.

Spring energy revives us, helping us to heal and grow. We stretch ourselves with the new unfurling leaves. Humans feel the surge of the mating dance too! When we open our windows to the warming air, freshening houses that have been closed all winter, we let in the energy of the new year.

In summer we migrate outdoors, drawn to exercise the strength in our bodies. We enjoy the beauty of the plants around us, the flash of birds and butterflies, the long warm days. Summer is a time to build up our strength and enjoy the happiness of life.

In autumn we treasure each sunny warm day while noting the new chill in the air. We pay more attention to our houses, decorating them at the late fall and early winter holidays. This is the season to take stock of our health and prepare ourselves for the hardest season of the year.

Wintertime finds us largely indoors. We sleep longer, eat more, and struggle to stay cheerful. This is the storytelling season, time to rest, plan, and dream.

When we notice the changes that happen to our bodies and spirits in the seasons, we synchronize ourselves with the yearly round, harnessing the energy of the world like a boat sailing on the outgoing tide.


I tune my life to flow with the seasons.

Practice: Create the stages
Go outside every day for a week. Practice being present. Notice the signs of the seasons around you. Are the trees filled with spring blossoms? Is the summer sun high in the sky? Are autumn leaves turning color? Does winter snow blanket the ground?

Take a deep breath. Imagine the energy of the season filling your body. Now exhale, letting go of your tension and worry. Breathe in again, letting the air refresh you.

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