Secrets of Magic: The Elements

Today science recognizes many elements which make up the basic building blocks of matter. Ancient scientists looked at the world as being composed of four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Both ways of looking at the elements teach us different things about how the world works.

The four ancient elements make up the world and make up our lives. Humans breathe air constantly. Even an interruption of a few seconds in our air supply has dire consequences. Water makes up most of our bodies, and we need to drink a lot of water daily to stay healthy. The earth provides us with the food that sustains our lives. Although today in the developed world we may heat our houses and food with electricity instead of fire, that lively element provided our warmth and cooking energy for almost all human history, and continues to do so for some of the people who live on our planet. Fire also describes the processes our body uses to convert food into heat and energy.

When we walk around outside we experience the elements in a real and immediate way. We see and feel the sky, waterways, and ground that surround us. Fire draws our attention immediately, both because it fascinates us, and because it is often dangerous to us. Recognition of the elements traces our connection with the planet and reminds us that we are all creatures of the Earth.

The elements act on a deeper, spiritual level as well. Magic taps into the fundamental power of the elements, harnessing their essential nature to help us renew, transform and purify ourselves.

For the next four weeks we will explore the secrets of air, fire, water and earth.

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