Secrets of Magic 22: Air renews

The element of air surrounds us continuously. We move around in the atmosphere as fish swim in the ocean. Air carries sound to our ears and scent to our noses. To our normal senses it is usually colorless and odorless. We only notice it when a welcome breeze touches our faces, or when strong winds threaten our homes.

Air brings physical renewal to our bodies and our homes. When we take air into our lungs we bring a fresh supply of oxygen to our bodies. Breathing out, we exhale carbon dioxide. When we air out our houses, we open doors and windows to let the stale air escape and bring fresh air inside.

Air renews on more than the physical level. We can harness the power of air to consciously bring renewal into our lives. When we breathe, we exhale negative energy and inhale positive energy. We sweep old energy out of our houses and invite positive energy inside.

In magic we invoke the energy of air through color and symbol. Air can be yellow (usually) or bright blue (for the sky). We can use a fan or a feather to move the energy of air. We associate air with springtime, the true beginning of the year. Partly this is because spring is when we rejuvenate the air in our houses. Spring and air are also linked through revival—spring brings rebirth, air replenishes our life energy.

We draw on the energy of air to bring the energy of renewal. What needs to be renewed in your life? Imagine your life as a house. Open the doors and windows of your house. What flows out with the freshening wind? What does the wind of beginning blow in?


The power of air brings renewal to my life.

Practice: Inviting renewal

Sit in a chair, or sit cross-legged on the floor. Practice cyclic breathing. As you exhale, visualize and feel negativity flowing out of your body. You might see it as a dark cloud or feel it as a release of tension. This negativity can take many forms—ill health, anger or sadness, or just a sense of unease. Now as you inhale, see and feel bright relaxing energy flowing into your lungs. It circulates throughout your body, bringing health, peace, and well-being. You can do this exercise anywhere, whenever you feel the need to renew your energy.

Open all the doors and windows in your house. Take a broom or a fan and walk around the house. Think about clearing your house of the residue of unhappy experiences and feelings, like energic dust. Now walk around the house again, sweeping or waving positive energy into the house to spread into every corner. You can do this whenever you feel the need to change the energy in your house. It is a good practice to do once a week, in the springtime, or after an illness has passed.

Make an affirmation describing the renewal you want in your life. Write it on yellow or blue paper, such as a colored sticky note, index card, or construction paper. Put it where you can see it every day and read it out loud once a day for a week.

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