Ritual to preserve Ma’at

From Wikimedia.

Imagine yourself holding a small image of Ma’at in your palm. Say out loud:

I offer Ma’at to Ma’at that Ma’at may be preserved.


How it works:

There are many images from ancient Egypt/Kemet of people with power (pharoahs, queens, priestesses and priests) making offerings to various deities. Offerings included food, drink and incense. In The Presentation of Ma’at: Ritual and Legitimacy in Ancient Egypt, Emily Teeter discusses another kind of offering: presenting a tiny image of Ma’at. In ancient Egypt/Kemet the goddess Ma’at embodied truth, justice, and the orderly pattern of the universe. So offering Ma’at was a way for the official to promise to uphold the principles of the orderly universe.

This ritual is a quick way to affirm our support for justice, peace, and the rule of law applied equally and fairly to all.

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