Secrets of Magic 23: Fire transforms

Air revives us gently. Fire changes too, in a much more dramatic and permanent way. Where air renews, literally making new again, fire transforms, burning away the old to make space for the new.

While we experience air every day, when we look at the sky or feel the wind on our faces, we may not see an open flame at all in the day. When we do see fire in the wild it can be a frightening experience. Fire destroys our houses, burns grasslands, torches forests. We recognize fire as a powerful and dangerous force. For the same reason fire fascinates us. We instinctively group in circles around campfires, enjoying the warmth and beauty of the contained flames, while taking care that the fire does not escape our grasp and become destructive instead of inspiring.

As an agent of transformation, fire helps us to release what we need to let go from our lives.

In magic we draw on fire’s energy with the use of bright colors—red especially, but also yellow or gold—and by lighting candles, especially red ones. Fire connects with summertime, the warmest season of the year, which sometimes brings welcome warming, and sometimes unbearable heat.

What do you need to sever from your life? Do you need to release old habits, escape a limiting relationship, end an illness or a stressful situation? Do you need to change the way you look or the way you think? What transformation can fire bring for you?


The power of fire brings transformation to my life.

Practice: Inviting Transformation

Whenever you work with fire, it is important to take steps to contain it. Use a fireproof surface, such as a ceramic tile, beneath candles and containers holding burning objects, like incense coals. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher and a water source nearby.

Study an open fire. You might light a fire on a beach or at a campsite, or visit a home, hotel, or restaurant that features a fireplace. Let the fire warm your hands. Watch the flames. Meditate on the transformation you wish to affect. If it is safe to do so, you can write a description of the thing you want to release and burn it in the flames.

Make an affirmation describing the transformation you want in your life. Write it on red or orange paper. Read it out loud every day for a week.

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