Secrets of Magic 24: Water purifies

Like air, we interact with water every day of our lives. Where fire in the wild inspires awe and fear, water sometimes annoys and often delights us. Rain, which is water from the sky, washes our cars and houses, roads, trees and plants, making everything sparkle.

We depend on water and take it for granted. Turning the tap brings us a flow of clear, safe water for cleaning, cooking, and drinking. Many places in the world do not have this simple but absolutely vital service. We wash our hands many times each day, limiting the spread of germs, and we drink liquids many times each day, keeping ourselves hydrated. For both these reasons clean water is an essential requirement to maintain our health.

Just as water cleanses our houses and our bodies physically, we can harness the power of water to purify our houses and ourselves on the spiritual level. Just a few drops of water sprinkled on us or around us acts to wash away negativity.

We draw on the power of water by using the color blue, and any kind of container for liquids, including cups and bowls. Water is associated with autumn, cooling the heat of summer as the days grow shorter and the living creatures of the earth prepare for winter.

What do you need to wash away from your life? What do you wish to flow around you? Do you need to become clean again after a misfortune, or cleanse your own negativity? What purification can water bring into your life?


The power of water purifies me and my surroundings.

Practice: Inviting purification

Spend some time beside a body of water. This can be still water, like a pond or lake, or running water, such as a stream, river, or bay. You might have the chance to visit the ocean. Listen to the sound the water makes. You can breathe out your tension, putting it into the water to be washed away.

You can purify your house with water. Take a cup or bowl. Any container will do, although a blue cup is especially nice. Fill it with the purest water you can find—from the tap, spring water from the store, rain water that you collect. You can also walk through your house, sprinkling a few drops in each room. Write the record of your purification in your journal.

Create an affirmation describing the purification you want to accomplish. Write it on a blue piece of paper. Read it out loud to yourself every day for a week.

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