Secrets of Magic 25: Earth supports

The elements of air, fire, and water all share the quality of movement. When we think of earth, we think of it as the place where we walk, and the foundation of our houses. The ideas foundation and ground express the quality of stability. Earthquakes frighten us partly because we expect the earth to remain still and calm beneath our feet.

Also unlike water, air and fire, earth is a planet as well as an element. As an element, the good dark loam provides nutrients for all growing plants, which in turn feed all the animals in the world, including humans.

As earth supports our houses and provides us with a surface to walk on, we can invoke the power of earth to bring stability into our lives. We say solid as a rock to describe permanence, safety, and shelter.

The color green expresses the power of earth both as an element and a planet. We can use any green growing thing to bring earth energy into our lives. Rocks also make strong earth tools. Earth is associated with winter, the season of rest, darkness, and cold.

What support do you need in your life? Do you need an increase in money or health, or do you just need more time to rest? What can the power of stability bring into your life?


The power of earth sustains me.

Practice: Inviting support
As you take your next walk, look at the ground. If you can, pick up a handful of dirt. What does it look like? Is the earth near your home dark or light, sandy or clay? Put your hand on the ground. Let the tension in your body flow out into the earth.

Make an affirmation describing the support you wish to bring into your life. Write it on a green sticky note, index card, or construction paper, or write it on white paper with a green pen. Put this where you can see it, and read the affirmation out loud every day for a week.

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