Working for Transpersonal Justice

By Ashu ryp (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Last night a friend of mine shared this working with me. He posted it to YouTube for people to participate in. This working can be done asynchronously, meaning any time you like, and each iteration makes the working more powerful.

It calls on the Hindu goddess Bagalamukhi. Shivashakti.com describes times to call on her protection: “…in the thick of war, in assemblies of thieves, in conflicts, in jail, on water, in magical attack, in litigation, in facing a king’s wrath, at the time of an ordeal, at night, in fetters or in paralysis, in the slaughter of battle amongst enemies…” My friend notes she is so powerful she is best suited for transpersonal workings; for example, you call on her to protect your country from invasion.

This working sacrifices your personal hate, fear, guilt and so on, giving them to the goddess. It asks her in return to protect us. You might dedicate this working in a transpersonal way to protect all those who are at risk from the tide of hate and fear that is sweeping America and the world.

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