Secrets of Magic 28: The moon cycles

Next to the sun the moon is the brightest thing in the sky. It lights up the darkness, bathing the world in a silvery glow—when it is there. While we see the sun every day, we do not see the moon every night.

The moon cycles through a monthly pattern, showing at first as a small sliver, growing each day until it becomes a completed disk, then gradually decreasing to a small sliver again. At the end of the month there is no moon in the sky at all. While the moon is growing, we say it is waxing; when it is a disk, we say it is full; while the moon is decreasing, we call it waning; on the nights when the moon is not visible we say the moon is dark.

Many physical phenomena respond to the phases of the moon. The planetoid’s gravitational pull affects the movement of the ocean’s tides. Women of childbearing years experience menstrual patterns of roughly the same duration as the moon’s cycles. Gardeners plant certain types of growing things at different lunar phases.

Just as the tide flows and ebbs, the power of the moon flows and ebbs. When we tie our magic to the moon’s cycle we can ride the energy of the moon to accomplish our goal.

Waxing moon: this energy draws new beginnings into our lives. What do you want to bring into your life?
Full moon: this moon phase brings great power and fulfillment. What do you want to accomplish or complete?
Waning moon: like an ebb tide, this energy washes what we are removing from our lives away from us. What do you want to release?
Dark moon: this phase allows us to make endings in our lives. What do you want to bring to an end?

Affirmation I harmonize with the cycles of the moon.

Practice: Moon practice

Find a calendar that tracks the phases of the moon. Begin to record the moon phase whenever you make entries in your journal. If you are a woman, record where you are in your menstrual cycle—how many days ago did your cycle end?

Whenever you go outside at night, look for the moon. Where is the moon in the sky? What phase is the moon?

Write an affirmation describing a beginning you wish to make in your life. At the next new moon, look at the moon, and repeat the affirmation.

Make an affirmation about an accomplishment you want to make in your life. When the moon is next full read the affirmation aloud.

Describe something you want to remove from your life. While the moon is decreasing, speak the description while observing the moon.

Write down an ending you want to make in your life. On one of the dark moon days read the affirmation out loud.

Record all your lunar workings in your journal.

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