Secrets of Magic 30: Venus inspires art

Venus is the planet between the Earth and Mercury, the next closest to the sun. Its orbit causes it to appear in our sky at times as the morning star and in other seasons of the year as the evening star. Humans have long found the star near the crescent moon to be beautiful. Over the millennia Venus has attracted concepts of beauty, grace, and inspiration.

The sphere of Venus is artistic endeavor and expression. The desire to create, to make something that others will find lovely, to communicate what we see and feel to the people around us, all belong to the realm of Venus.

We all recognize that some people have great artistic and musical talent. However that doesn’t mean that everyone else has no talent. Every human has the ability to create. It is built into who we are. Our great flexibility, the way we imagine new tools and strive to make our lives better, has made us the most successful species on the planet.

Art doesn’t just mean making images, shaping sculptures, or playing a musical instrument. Whenever we seek to make something new, or beautify something around us, we are expressing the power of art.

Having great talent doesn’t mean that we do everything perfectly the first time. The most talented musicians practice many hours each day. Artists work for years to master their chosen materials. We develop artistic skills over time. Those who have less talent in a particular arena but who practice diligently will create more art more successfully than those who don’t practice, however talented they might be.

Anyone can learn to sing, to keep time, to draw, to sew, to garden. When we reach out to shape the world around us, expressing our concepts and feelings of beauty, we tap into the power of creation to transform our lives.

Affirmation I create beauty.

Practice: experience beauty

Every day for a week, experience something beautiful that someone has made. You might look at a painting in a museum or a book. You might listen to a new type of music. You might visit a garden, enjoying the shape of the paths, the combinations of plant shapes and colors.

Let the beauty you experience inspire you to create. You might cut up pictures from magazines to make a collage, assemble photographs in a scrapbook, arrange flowers in a vase. Have you always wanted to learn to sketch, play a drum, throw a pot? Take a class, pick up a book, find a teacher, and get started!

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