Babalon and Asherah presentation: bibliography and ritual notes

By unknown artist Details of artist on Google Art Project [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’m filing these notes here so folk don’t need to scribble madly while I talk.


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Ritual notes

  • East – Queen of Heaven: Aleph Shin Resh Heh
  • South – The Sun/fire: Athirat
  • West – Lady of the Sea: Elat
  • North – Lady of the Steppe: Belit seri

Queen of Heaven, lady of the sun, lady of the desert, lady of the ocean, lady of the mountain, lady of the green tree, Athirat, Ashratu, Ashirtu, Ashritum, Ashrati, Asherah, Asherah, Asherah, Asherah, Asherah…

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