Secrets of Magic No 32: Jupiter conveys authority

Jupiter, the next planet out from the sun after Mars, is the first of the gas giants, planets composed primarily of gases rather than rock. Recent exploration vehicles have sent home more information about this planet. In 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy collided with Jupiter over several days, causing spectacular explosions captured by the spacecraft Galileo, the Hubble Space Telescope, and by many large telescopes around the world.

Jupiter’s long orbit suggested majesty to the ancients. Such a stately planet could only be described as royal. The sphere of Jupiter came to represent the realm of authority.

Authority is closely linked to power. When we exercise power over others, we are wielding authority over them, and when others have authority over us, they have the power to affect our lives.

Each of us has places in our lives where we exercise authority and places where we are under the authority of others. Parents exercise authority over their children, an authority which is shared with other adults in our families, schools, and governmental agencies. Even children can exercise authority, over other children, pets, and their own impulses.

Because we live in societies composed of cooperating individuals, very few humans on the planet exercise absolute authority over themselves or anyone else. Those who do are regarded with deep suspicion and disapproval by the world community. The rest of us fall somewhere on a continuum between having absolute control over our lives and having no control. Even those in prison exercise some control over our circumstances.

Since magic teaches us to exercise power, it acts to increase our ability to affect our lives. Magic moves us along the authority continuum toward self-sufficiency and independence.

I exercise authority.

Practice: Exercising authority

What ways do others exercise authority over you? Of course police and judges enforce the laws of the government. You might be living with someone, renting a house, working at a job where you are supervised by a manager. Write a journal entry describing the authority figures in your life. Are you comfortable with the power they exercise over you? If you could increase the freedom in your life, what would you choose to focus on first? Do you want to own your own house or run your own business? Record this in your journal. Once you decide where to focus your energy, you can start using the secrets of magic to achieve the result you want.

What ways do you exercise authority over others? You might exercise considerable power as a manager or a teacher. Even if you don’t have a position of overt authority, you might teach a class, act as a babysitter, end up closing a store at night. What do you like about your style? What would you like to improve? Have you learned the lessons of cooperation as well as competition? Many of us hesitate to put ourselves forward as people with authority. Write a journal entry beginning, “I would like to have authority as…” Think about the steps you would take to achieve that position.

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