Secrets of Magic No. 42: To get, give

Often we think of life as being like a pie. Each pie contains a limited number of pieces, and if we share our piece with others, there will be less for us. We contract around the sense of deprivation. Giving to others seems as if it will harm us, especially when we really are desperate, struggling to find the money and energy and time we need to support ourselves and our families.

Magical energy acts less like a pie and more like a stream. The more flow there is in our lives, the better our lives become. Giving even a little money or time or emotion to others helps get the flow started. It breaks the knot of contraction, like opening a fist, letting stuck energy out and inviting new energy in.

Giving connects us to the world around us. When we donate even a little time or money to others, we begin to feel wealthier, stronger, more powerful. We tap into our kinship with other humans and with the other creatures on the planet. The stronger our connections, the stronger the net that supports us. The friends we make when we give of ourselves will in turn help us when we are in need.

It is a great secret that everything we give to others benefits them but helps us more. When we give things, we make space in our lives for new things. When we give money, we claim the power to act in the world. When we teach we always learn. When we give love, we demonstrate to ourselves that love is in our lives.

I give to others.
Practice: Connecting with others/strong>

Categories of giving include objects, money, time, and emotion.

To give things: clean your closets. Clear out your kitchen cupboards and donate the food to the local food bank. Buy blankets for your local shelter.

To give money: what work do you think matters most to make the world better? Protecting animals, helping the homeless, curing disease, funding families or businesses in the undeveloped world? Find an organization that supports this effort, by doing a web search, or even looking in the phone book. Many stores offer the option to donate even one dollar to a charity–let the cashier ring the dollar up!

To give time: investigate the groups and clubs in your local area. Are you interested in sports, religious groups, parks, kids, libraries? There is certain to be a group that is helping to support those activities who would welcome any assistance.

To give emotion: who do you love? Have you told them? Let the people around you know what they mean to you. Is there someone you want to be your friend? Let them know that you want to connect with them.

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