Secrets of Magic No 47: Accidents happen

Life isn’t fair. Sometimes the bad guys win, bad things happen to good people, and justice is not served. We do not always get what we deserve when we deserve it. Things happen to us that we did not expect and did not invite.

Every major religion and philosophy in the world struggles to explain this. Humans want to make sense of our environment, to understand the patterns in the world, and to live lives that have meaning. When accidents happen to us, they can send us into a tailspin. Why this, why me, why now? The more we learn about magic, the better we get at making things happen in our lives, the harder we are hit when bad luck comes our way. Could we have done something to invite this? Could we have avoided this if we had taken magical precautions?

Whatever our philosophy or religion, however we understand the workings of the universe, we admit that we do not know everything about the world. Events that we do not understand are part of a pattern that we do not comprehend. While it is hard to accept that we may not ever understand exactly why the mishap occurred, it can be comforting to realize that we have not caused this event. Sometimes accidents just happen.

While we are not responsible for the accident, we are responsible for how we respond to it. If we become bitter, angry, or discouraged, we weight ourselves down and prevent the free flow of energy in our lives.

We can prepare ourselves for accidents by practicing to survive. We can prepare ourselves to face natural disasters, sickness, financial setbacks. When accidents do occur, we can fully experience the emotions that arise, and then let them go at the appropriate time. Just as every failure is a chance to learn, every accident is a chance to get stronger, connect with others, and use the new space that opens up in our lives.

I practice magic to survive and thrive.

Practice: Practicing to survive
What accidents have happened to you? Are you still carrying emotional weight from these accidents? Work with the secret, “Let it go.”

Make a list of natural disasters that have historically happened in your area. Do you live in a place which has seen earthquakes, floods, hurricanes? Prepare a disaster plan for yourself and your family. Fill a backpack (or even a plastic bag) with food and spare clothes for each member of your family and keep it where you can get to it.

Every house faces the risk of fire. Make sure your house has smoke alarms with functioning batteries. Practice evacuating the house quickly.

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