Practical Insights April 2017

“That’s what initiation was: to find out how you’re related to the world of the divine, know how you belong, how you’re at home there just as much as here.” Peter Kingsley, In The Dark Places of Wisdom

Story: Daily Photo Practice

I take my dog Fiona out several times a day to our backyard woodlot. If you’re a dog owner you know why! These breaks give me a daily chance to contemplate the woods. If I stand just right the trees block the view of nearby houses. We live in a beautiful world.

One day I took out my phone and snapped a picture of the sky. I posted it on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Then I thought hey, I could do a series, something like #MagicalElements, you know, air, water, earth. So I started doing a daily photo. I tried to find elemental images but mostly I ended up taking what attracted my attention: wild currant flowers, a drop of dew, those really red buds on alder trees.

Some days I take pictures of the cats or events I’m attending or books I’m reading. Each day though I come back to the woods and try to look at them with a new eye. What do I see that reflects the weather, the season, the mood I’m in? What’s interesting?

I started doing it with an end goal in mind, but it turns out that the practice itself brings its own meaning. I bet that’s true of other daily practices too.

Insight: my daily photo practice makes me seek delight in the world.

What’s your daily practice?

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Book in progress update

The working title for the book in progress is Soul and Cosmos. To explain the soul’s journey I’m bringing back the Ladies from The Woman Magician: Lady Tradition, Lady History, Lady Science, Lady Culture, Lady Philosophy, Lady Theology, and Lady Magic. It’s exciting to be working with them again!


New Release: Spirit Relations

A clear and sensible introduction to interacting with spirits by ordained Spiritualist minister Bill Duvendack. The conversational style makes it interesting and the exercises make it practical. A fresh look at creating relationships with spirits.




Last word

The Strahov Library in Prague features two stunning rooms, the Theological Hall and the Philosophical Hall. If you’re in Prague and you love books this is a must-see.