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Secrets of Magic 18: Think green

We learn in grade school that plants exhale oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide, while humans breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, in a symbiotic relationship. We exchange more than air with plants. They form the bulk of our diet, including grains such as wheat and rice, legumes like lentils and beans, and vegetables. […]

Sex Positive Thelema

I’ve always been sex positive. From my earliest physical stirrings I’ve believed that the power flowing in my body is sacred and enjoying that power is normal. I’ve never understood why people feel “dirty” when engaging in sex. As a teen I hated that words describing genitals are used as curse words. I looked for […]

How I Know I’m Not in a Cult

When I was twenty I spent a day and a night with the Moonies. The story begins on a street corner in San Francisco as my boyfriend and I came up from a BART exit wearing our backpacks and were snagged by a recruiter. It ends with us walking down a deserted country road in […]

Secrets of Magic 17: Flow with the Seasons

The environment around us changes with the seasons. Whether we live at the seashore, mountains, or desert, near the poles or at the equators, the phases of the year affect all the plants and animals in our ecosystem. That includes us! The cycle of the seasons makes an annual pattern of renewal. Each year has […]

Gnostic Priestess Prayer

As the Gnostic Mass begins the woman in the role of the priestess waits out of sight. The congregation recites the Gnostic Creed. When I am priestess I quietly recite the creed along with them. Just before I enter the temple I recite this prayer to help me transition from my everyday self to the […]

Manifesto: Magic is for Everyone

Anyone can do magic. All human beings have access to the same magic. You don’t have to have talent. It doesn’t run in families. Magic doesn’t favor one people over another, unless by “people” you mean “the human race”. Magic is knowledge plus action. Magic happens when you know what to do and practice doing […]

Secrets of Magic 16: Touch the earth

Humans are spiritual beings, but we are also physical creatures, with bodies, living in a physical world. When we remember to honor our bodies, our families, and our connections to the Earth, we tap into some of the deepest magical secrets. Human life is embedded in the web of life that sustains the earth. Each […]

The mission of my writing

I am a writer with a mission. All my books have a purpose. They form a story arc and contribute to the overall theme. That mission is to re-vision Western magic. That sounds pretty grand, and maybe it is! I’ve been living with the idea so long that it seems natural to me. I had […]

How Zeus Became Wise by Swallowing a Goddess

It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that Zeus would turn out to be a wise and just king. After all he came from a line of gods who were tyrants and acted to protect their own power. In fact he started out that way himself. Then something changed. The story actually starts with his grandparents, Ouranos […]

Secrets of Magic 15: Make space

However small or big the changes magic makes in our lives, any change requires some scope to manifest. We can help the magic manifest the change we want by making space for it. Here is a simple example. Suppose we decide we want a new stereo system. Where will we put it once we get […]