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Navaratri Day 10: The Journey Continues

Behold, the devi is leaving! The mountain daughter returns to her journey. Durga absorbs her avatars: Shailaputri and Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta and Kushmanda, Skandamata and Katyayani, Kaalaratri and Mahagauri and Siddhidatri, all return to the great mother as rivers to the sea. Maha Durga, you are the creator and the destroyer. You are the play of […]

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Navaratri Day 9: Accomplishment

When the battle is won, the demon vanquished, the blood drunk down and washed away the devi in the lotus displays magic powers: to grow infinitely large or vanishingly small, fly through the air, live without eating, walk on water, pass through the ground, sit in snow and walk on fire, touch the moon and […]

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Navaratri Day 8: Purification

After the violence of battle and the finality of victory there is peace. Skin soaked with blood Mahagauri goes to the river to wash herself clean. She emerges covered with water drops sparkling in the brilliant sunlight. Mahagauri come to us on your white bull, wash away our transgressions and regrets, bring us the knowledge […]

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Navaratri Day 7: The Destroyer

When the blood of the demon falls to the ground demons spring from each drop. Innumerable, they threaten to overwhelm the world. Black as the infinite night Kaalaratri comes. She strikes the blow, she eats the demons, she drinks the blood. When only one is left she drains him dry and he tastes the final […]

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Navaratri Day 6: Battle

The wisest sages know sometimes you have no choice. In this moment to surrender is to die to run is to die to fail is to die. To survive means to fight, win, and kill. Katyayani raise your sword save us from evil strike our enemies grant us victory. Om Devi Katyayanai Namah.

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Navaratri Day 5: The Warrior

The lion mount carries the goddess gently. Other fierce devis bear sword, mace and noose but the weapon Skandamata brings is her son, Skanda, Murrugan, Kartikeya, his six heads spreading like a peacock’s tail. He was born to slay the invincible demon who turned the world from the way of balance. The gods could not […]

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Navaratri Day 4: Creation

In the darkness where there was nothing Kushmanda’s smile lit the fire of life, the little cosmic egg of the universe. She is the power in the sun, she is the sun. She is the power in the world, she is the world. She is the power in light, she is the light. Her infinite […]

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Navaratri Day 3: Power

She comes on a tiger, brilliant as the moon, Chandraghanta, radiant with rage, sounding the terrible roar of her bell. Each ring destroys the thoughts that obsess us the fears that possess us the pains that oppress us, they flash and are gone. Only peace remains, radiant as the moon. Om Devi Chandraghantayai Namah.

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Navaratri Day 2: The Guide

She comes quietly, serene in her focus, Charini, the female practitioner, Bramani, devoted to the knowledge of the cosmos, counting the beads, fixed on meditation, bearing the holy water which nourishes the world, the sacred amrita that sustains the tantrika. Brahmacharini guide us, lead us to the knowledge that frees us, grant us a sip […]

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Navaratri Day 1: The Daughter Returns

Devi Shailaputri, by Jonoikobangali, from WikMedia

Look, Shailaputri is returning! Come see, the daughter has arrived. Riding to the mountain on a snow-white bull carrying a weapon and a flower in her hands. How joyful is her homecoming! All the mothers and grandmothers, daughters and sisters crowd around to press food and flowers on her while the fathers and brothers and […]

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Babalon the Warrior

I sing of Babalon the warrior. I sing of Babalon who wields the sword. Her priestesses cry out against those who have transgressed against them. “We came to you offering holy joy and you have placed your eyes and hands on us against our will. That which was divine turned corrupt in your hands. You […]


Kwan Yin prayer for protection of children taken from their parents

Kwan Yin, merciful goddess, you who hear the voice of the world, protector of children, safeguard the children taken from their parents, comfort them and sustain them, bring them back quickly and safely to the families who love them. #MagickfortheChildren