What to do about immigrant family separation

My social media threads are exploding with outrage today about the separation of children from parents at the American border. There are a lot of requests for information – what can we do? I love it that people are moved to act. There are many ways to translate that impulse directly into action. Make a […]

Emergency help

Some of us may be facing a serious problem right now. The help we need is available to us. The secret is that we have to ask for it. That might be the scariest or hardest thing we have ever done, but it also may be the most important thing we can do. It is […]

Secrets of Magic No 52: You already know

We humans create filters for ourselves. We narrow down our observations of the vastness around us to just a few places, people, things. We build thought structures which we inhabit, mistaking them for the whole of reality, restricting what we know to just a few ideas. When we learn to be present, to open our […]

Secrets of Magic No 51: Magic is play

The words we use to describe how we do magic seem grim and laborious. We say we make magic, we work magic, we practice magic. This language reflects the needs that magic fills for us. As adults we have serious concerns. We must take care of our bodies, making sure we eat and sleep and […]

Secrets of Magic No 50: Cherish peak experiences

Peak experiences are those moments when we know the intensely pleasant excitement of a great success. We often feel this when we pass through one of life’s milestones, such as graduating from school, getting married, birthing children. Performers experience the satisfaction of connecting with an audience. Athletes know the rush of accomplishing a goal. Travelers […]

Secrets of Magic No 49: You will succeed

Magic works. The secrets of magic give us the power to change our lives. When we speak the affirmations and do the practices, we accomplish whatever it is we set out to do. Surprisingly, success can be as difficult to handle as failure. Every change brings stress, even very positive changes, like passing a test, […]

Secrets of Magic No 48: Love is all that matters

Love is the most amazing substance in the universe. Love binds people together like glue and washes away problems like a solvent. With love, we can survive the most grievous accidents, but without love, even in the richest house, we can perish of loneliness. When we are alone, when we have not been cared for […]

Secrets of Magic No 47: Accidents happen

Life isn’t fair. Sometimes the bad guys win, bad things happen to good people, and justice is not served. We do not always get what we deserve when we deserve it. Things happen to us that we did not expect and did not invite. Every major religion and philosophy in the world struggles to explain […]

Secrets of Magic No 46: Overcoming failure is part of the process

The world is complex. Magic teaches us a great deal about the forces that govern our lives. When we align ourselves with those forces we greatly increase our chances of obtaining our goals. However, even the most powerful, rich, healthy, and well loved among us do not always get what we want. There are many […]

Secrets of Magic No 45: Make friends with your shadow

Nobody’s perfect. This is a truism precisely because it is true. Even the most saintly among us have flaws. Every virtue can also become a vice. Those of us who pride ourselves on having integrity can sometimes be inflexible and unforgiving. If we are accommodating, we might fail at times to draw appropriate boundaries for […]

Secrets of Magic No 44: Mind and body are one

We have all heard the phrase “mind over matter.” We think of ourselves as being minds which have bodies, two separate things, with mind ruling the body. In fact mind and body could not exist without each other. Cartoons and movies show heads talking without bodies, but in real life, none of us has seen […]

Secrets of Magic No 43: Let it go

Christians call it forgiveness. Buddhists call it detachment. The wise people of the world have taught us that it is important to learn to let go. Many of us have heard the story about the monkey and the jar trap. A monkey found a sweet fruit in a jar. He put his hand in the […]