Secrets of Magic No. 42: To get, give

Often we think of life as being like a pie. Each pie contains a limited number of pieces, and if we share our piece with others, there will be less for us. We contract around the sense of deprivation. Giving to others seems as if it will harm us, especially when we really are desperate, […]

Advanced secrets

The first secret of magic we employ can change our lives. Each new secret we learn opens up whole new ways of thinking and of experiencing the world. We can spend many happy years exploring the new possibilities magic opens up for us. There may come a time when we hit a plateau. We’ve done […]

Secrets of Magic No. 41: Ask the cards

If we can have only one tool to make magic, the tool to have is a Tarot deck. Tarot cards are an excellent introduction to the magical forces of the universe. Their symbols and pictures depict the entire world and human experience in a compact form. They combine the elements and the planets. The cards […]

Secrets of Magic No. 40: Reach for the stars

Ancient astronomers studied the sky, as we do, to learn about the universe. They were interested not just in the movement of the celestial bodies, but in how they affect our lives on earth. Today the study of the sky does not include the practice of astrology. However astrologers still track the effect of the […]

Secrets of Magic No. 39: Remember your dreams

All humans dream. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and a significant percentage of that time dreaming, usually entering the dream state four or five times a night. Dreams help us assimilate what has happened during the day. We use our dreams to solve problems, work out how we feel, and resurrect memories. […]

New interviews are up!

New Interviews! I’ve added new interviews with Hercules Invictus over at the Voice of Olympus broadcast; check them out in my Interviews section!    

Secrets of Magic No 38: Take magical journeys

Imagination is one of the great human powers. We use our imagination when we write affirmations and dare to dream. Another way we can use our imaginations is to take journeys into other realms. The ability to rise beyond the immediate moment and fly to another place is an important safety valve. Each of us […]

Secrets of Magic No 37: Be present

Many spiritual disciplines teach us that living in the present is a source of great calm and peace. Much of our emotional misery stems from focusing on the past or anticipating the future. When we bring our awareness to this exact place, this exact moment, we can leave behind the pain of the past and […]

Secrets of Magic No 36: Build a calm space

Tension is more than physical, it is also an emotional state. We carry clouds of anxiety and depression around with us. Learning to release emotional tension and live in peace and happiness is a major goal for many religions, therapies, and philosophies. One of the real secrets of magic is learning how to manage the […]

Secrets of Magic No 35: Breathe deeply

Breathing is so automatic that many of us never think about it. We can fall into bad breathing habits, sitting slumped, breathing shallowly, breathing through our mouths. Tension pools at the solar plexus, tightening our breathing. Deep breathing brings oxygen into the body. Taking a big breath and letting it out helps to release tension. […]

Secrets of Magic No 34: Relax

We can get so tense about achieving exactly the result we want that we get in our own way. The first step in using magic effectively is to learn to relax. This is very easy to say but sometimes hard to do! Many of us work at jobs that stress our bodies. Office workers sit […]


A walk among redwoods

Everywhere I look there are trees. One forest. Saplings growing from a common trunk. Roots twined like fingers, like lovers, like family standing together long enough to know everything any of them knows. Tall enough to deny sunlight the floor. A silence that beats on the ears. A silence so loud you can hear the […]