Secrets of Magic 31: Mars is power

Mars is the next planet after ours from the sun. In many ways Mars seems like a smaller sibling to our planet. This planet may have housed life at some time. It has an atmosphere something like ours and bears evidence that seems to indicate that the planet had water in the past. The red […]

Secrets of Magic 30: Venus inspires art

Venus is the planet between the Earth and Mercury, the next closest to the sun. Its orbit causes it to appear in our sky at times as the morning star and in other seasons of the year as the evening star. Humans have long found the star near the crescent moon to be beautiful. Over […]

Secrets of Magic 29: Mercury grants knowledge

Little Mercury circles the sun the most quickly of any planet because it is the closest planet to the sun—close enough that the curvature of space and time near the sun affects the duration and shape of Mercury’s orbit. That quickness suggested to the ancients the same qualities that are suggested by the lightness of […]

Secrets of Magic 28: The moon cycles

Next to the sun the moon is the brightest thing in the sky. It lights up the darkness, bathing the world in a silvery glow—when it is there. While we see the sun every day, we do not see the moon every night. The moon cycles through a monthly pattern, showing at first as a […]

Secrets of Magic 27: The sun gives life

We owe our lives to the sun. This is one point on which ancient and modern observers, astronomers and astrologers, scientists and occultists all agree. Without the sun the earth would be a lifeless ball of rock. The sun provides all the heat and light in the solar system, and is the source of energy […]

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Ten Ways to Diversify Magical/Pagan Groups

Look around the room. How diverse is your group? Are there ten guys and one woman (the Wendy and the Lost Boys configuration)? Half men and half women, all white? No kids, no seniors, no one in a wheelchair? Why does it matter if the room is filled only with our friends? It means our […]

Secrets of Magic: The Planets

Most of us learned in school that there are nine planets, all revolving around the sun. Tiny Mercury is closest to the sun, followed by Venus, then our own planet Earth. The red planet, Mars, is next, about a third of the size of the Earth, and the first planet which has moons like our […]


Working for Transpersonal Justice

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Last night a friend of mine shared this working with me. He posted it to YouTube for people to participate in. This working can be done asynchronously, meaning any time you like, and each iteration makes the working more powerful. It calls on the Hindu goddess Bagalamukhi. describes times to call on her protection: […]

Secrets of Magic 26: Balance the elements

Air, fire, water and earth together make up a whole system. Air surrounds the globe of the earth. Water runs on the face of the earth, burrows deep beneath the surface, circulates from sky to ground and back again, and sits at each of the poles in the form of ice. Fire flares unpredictably across […]


O.T.O. US Grand Lodge Supports Human Rights

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. In the wake of the alt-right/Nazi demonstration in Charlottesville in which Heather Heyer was killed protesting the gathering, many organizations are posting statements affirming their support for universal human rights. I am a member of Ordo Templi Orientis. Just to brief you on how […]

Secrets of Magic 25: Earth supports

The elements of air, fire, and water all share the quality of movement. When we think of earth, we think of it as the place where we walk, and the foundation of our houses. The ideas foundation and ground express the quality of stability. Earthquakes frighten us partly because we expect the earth to remain […]


The Thelemic Guide to Surviving the Dominionist Theocracy

The Thelemic Guide to Surviving the Dominionist Theocracy An extreme Christian minority has taken control of administration. How did this happen, and what does this mean for Thelemites? Whatever Candidate Trump promised, President Trump has proposed policies which restrict liberty and endanger the common good: withdraw from the international Paris Accord climate change agreement; cut […]