Secrets of Magic 24: Water purifies

Like air, we interact with water every day of our lives. Where fire in the wild inspires awe and fear, water sometimes annoys and often delights us. Rain, which is water from the sky, washes our cars and houses, roads, trees and plants, making everything sparkle. We depend on water and take it for granted. […]

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How to save the future

Recently I had a wonderful conversation with some friends. One of them challenged me to articulate how to change the future. Western magicians have ceded our ability to change the world, discouraged by the psychologization of magic and the scientific skepticism that what cannot be measured does not exist. Magicians in earlier ages just did […]

Secrets of Magic 23: Fire transforms

Air revives us gently. Fire changes too, in a much more dramatic and permanent way. Where air renews, literally making new again, fire transforms, burning away the old to make space for the new. While we experience air every day, when we look at the sky or feel the wind on our faces, we may […]


Ritual to preserve Ma’at

Imagine yourself holding a small image of Ma’at in your palm. Say out loud: I offer Ma’at to Ma’at that Ma’at may be preserved.   How it works: There are many images from ancient Egypt/Kemet of people with power (pharoahs, queens, priestesses and priests) making offerings to various deities. Offerings included food, drink and incense. […]

Secrets of Magic 22: Air renews

The element of air surrounds us continuously. We move around in the atmosphere as fish swim in the ocean. Air carries sound to our ears and scent to our noses. To our normal senses it is usually colorless and odorless. We only notice it when a welcome breeze touches our faces, or when strong winds […]

Dancers of magic: Loie Fuller

Aleister Crowley’s ritual Liber XV, The Gnostic Mass specifies that the priestess “moves in a serpentine manner involving 3½ circles of the Temple”. In their notes on the mass Helena and Tau Apiryon note that while some people refer to this movement as a “serpentine dance” the ritual does not specify dance or music here. […]

Secrets of Magic: The Elements

Today science recognizes many elements which make up the basic building blocks of matter. Ancient scientists looked at the world as being composed of four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Both ways of looking at the elements teach us different things about how the world works. The four ancient elements make up the world […]


10 Ways Thelemites Can Resist Injustice

The top question I am asked by Thelemites Against Injustice is “what can I do?” Here are ten ideas to get us all started. One: Liber Oz selfie. Take a pic of yourself with a sign saying “Liber Oz inspires me to…” End the sentence with an action you are taking. Bonus: add the relevant […]

Secrets of Magic 21: Honor the stages of life

The year moves around in the cycle of the seasons that starts with spring, moves through summer and fall, ends in winter, and begins with spring again. The seasons teach us about growth, rest, and renewal. As we move through the cycle of the seasons, we find ourselves on the same place on the wheel, […]

Petition to Flora

Hail Flora! Lovely Goddess of the bloom, garlanded with a thousand flowers, grant that my flowers open in beauty, avert the rusts which would blight them, let them set seed and fruit and bloom again.

Secrets of Magic 20: Remember your Ancestors

Each of us has a physical mother and a physical father. Even if we do not know them, they have provided us with our physical bodies. Their mothers and fathers in turn gave birth to them, which was necessary for us to come into the world. Biologically, we all have two parents, four grandparents, eight […]

Kill the Senex

The king must die. If you’ve read the  The Golden Bough you will know that Frazier built his understanding of human history on the idea. “From time to time a sort of fury seized the people, and they marched through the streets of the city chanting with loud voices the fatal words, ‘the king must […]