Secrets of Magic 11: Act as if

Affirmations often make statements about things we want to happen in the future. Even though the events haven’t happened yet, we frame them in the present tense, as if they have already happened. Instead of saying, “I become the weight that is most healthy for me,” we say, “I am the weight that is most […]

Magical Working to Affirm Human Rights


Indivisible and the Woman’s March and Resist have great ideas about getting involved in local and national politics. Those of us who support human rights are getting out in the streets and making phone calls and writing emails and sending pink postcards to make our voices heard. There’s a place in the resistance for magic […]

The Best Devotional Method

Dante Gabriel Rossetti [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been doing devotionals to deities for several decades. When I started it was difficult to find instructions on how to do it. My working group (Coven of the Mystical Merkabah) invented a method we call the temple-research feedback loop: study the deity, go into temple, use what you’ve learned to refine your research. In […]

Secrets of Magic 10: Affirm the positive

Another way to say this is, don’t use negatives! Affirmations are one of the most powerful magical tools in existence. Every magic spell or ritual has a statement directing the magical energy to a particular end. Although it is helpful to use tools to achieve a magical result, the root of any magical act is […]

How to use a time turner

Time turner

Have you ever wished you could squeeze one more thing into a weekend? Wouldn’t a Harry Potter time turner come in handy? Actually I have one! Well, I have a replica. My dear friend and covenmate Dave Magnenat bought it for me in Diagon Alley at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s a beauty, […]

Secrets of Magic 9: Enlist your subconscious mind

The amazing human mind is the last great frontier. Western science has only been exploring this terrain for a little more than a century. There is much we still don’t understand about how the mind works. We do know that our beliefs powerfully affect what happens in our lives. Consciousness is a tiny fraction of […]

Taking a Break with 1920s Women Detective Novels

An important part of my work is standing up for human rights as described by the United Nations Declaration. In these times this means keeping up with the news, contacting lawmakers, and marching in the streets. It’s tiring work and we all need to take breaks

Secrets of Magic 8: Want it with all your heart

The first step in getting what we want is to figure out what that is. In Secret 7 we thought about dreams to explore: taking a trip, going back to school, starting a business. The next step is to identify the obstacles between us and what we plan to do. Some obstacles to achieving what […]

Research notes: Dark Places of Wisdom

Peter Kingsley’s book In the Dark Places of Wisdom is a story. It’s a scholarly work making a serious point but Kingsley sweeps away the academic apparatus and banishes notes to the end of the book. He writes in a strikingly simplistic style. It’s a conversational narrative, parceling out information in small bits and retracing […]

Seven Magical Ways to Resist Donald Trump

The resistance to the American political shift toward authoritarianism has become permanent part of the social landscape. Here are seven ways we can leverage magic to assist our political efforts. Magical Resistance Tip One: Look to our traditions for guidance. Magical folk have been the underdogs in the Western world for the last two thousand years. […]

Secrets of Magic 7: Ask for what you want

With magic we can accomplish anything we want. We already know that we always have access to the information we need to do the magic we want to do. The secret of magic is to figure out what it is we want to use the magic to accomplish. Once the goal is clear, almost all […]