Secrets of Magic 1: Anyone can do it

Magic is humanity’s birthright. Magic doesn’t depend on gender, race, age, country, or cultural background. We don’t have to have been born into the right family to have the power. Magic doesn’t work only in a particular place, or a particular time, and it isn’t limited to practitioners of a particular religion or of any […]

Brandy Williams interview on The Science of Magic!

What are the gods? How do we relate to them? Gwilda Wiyaka of The Science of Magic Radio asked excellent questions in her interview with me. We dive deep into the fundamental concepts guiding the theurgic relationship to the divine. Check it out! The Science of Magic with Gwilda Wiyaka – Episode 152 – Guest […]

Western Traditional Magic is our heritage

This is the story of Western Traditional Magic. It is ancient: the tradition was founded in Athens and Alexandria by philosopher priests who studied in Egypt (Kemet) and India. It survived: when Pagan religion was driven underground by the Roman Christian emperors, Western Traditional Magic survived survived in Byzantium and the Islamic world. It is […]