Research notes: Sacrifice and Magic

Proclus wrote a commentary on the Chaldean Oracles which is lost. This is my current top entry for “books I would rescue from the mists of time”. However there is one fragment which survives, “On the Hieratic Art”. Marsilio Ficino paraphrased the text as “De Sacrificio et Magia” in 1576. The hieratic art is theurgy, […]

In defense of practical magic

Magical and academic texts sometimes make a distinction between low magic and high magic. Spiritual magic has lofty goals, connecting us to the divine; the priestess who works this magic has the best intentions and results. On the other hand the sorceress who conjures for her own benefit is the meanest of the mean, twisting […]

Secret of Magic 6: Trust yourself

There are many magical paths. Some of them are easy to walk on our own. Others require guidance from more experienced practitioners. No matter what magical path you choose, and however knowledgeable your advisor is, you are always the person who knows best what you need to do. You know what is working well for […]

Humanizing traditional magic

I am deeply committed to humanist values. I know as a fundamental truth that every human soul is equal to any other regardless of the body that soul currently wears. Women are as valuable as men, other genders are as valid as the man-woman binary, skin color and ethnicity are no bar to ability, disability […]

Essential reading for the modern sacred prostitute

Are you a Qedishtu, a sacred prostitute? Deena Metzger wrote about them thirty years ago. As far as I know she was the first person to use the term in the context of contemporary practice. Because we are quick to forget the contributions of women I want to draw attention to her work. Here is […]

Secret of Magic 5: Accept Guidance

Magic is composed of three things: The power of the universe The knowledge of how to access it The skill to use it The power of the universe is available to everyone all the time. The skill to use it comes with our magical practices. But how do we get the knowledge of how to […]

Secrets of Magic 4: Write it down

Keeping a journal is one of the easiest and most enjoyable secrets of magic to learn. Journals help us keep track of the magic we are doing, explore our feelings, mine our experiences for insights, and reach silent and hidden parts of ourselves. Over time journals allow us to trace our magical development and detect […]

Secrets of Magic 3: Practice matters more than talent

All we have to do to begin to use magic is to decide to do it. It is also true that we become more skilled in creating magic over time and with practice. For example, to learn to visualize, we close our eyes and make images. Each of us learns differently. Some things will come […]

Sex, Love, Thelema – Sekhet Maat Lodge 3/4/2017 Reading List

I’ll be in Portland this Saturday for a full day event! I get to present again, I’m thrilled and grateful for the opportunity. Sex, Love, Thelema! Where: Sekhet Maat Lodge When: Saturday March 4, 12:30 pm Cost: $20-25 – it’s for the chapter! I’ll have my books available for sale, all proceeds to the lodge. […]

Secrets of Magic 2: It starts now

Magic is both complicated and simple. In its complicated form, it is wonderfully expandable, with enough history and practice to keep us happily busy for a lifetime. In its simple form, we can pick it up and put it to work right away, this very moment. You might need to make a change in your […]

Lady Liberty lives in me

I am Lady Liberty. This year my dear sisters in the O.T.O. gifted me with a medallion featuring the statue of liberty. This was a thank-you to those of us who presented at the 2016 O.T.O. Women’s Symposium Ladies of Force and Fire. They chose “Liberty enlightening the world” as the icon of the event. The […]

Secrets of Magic 1: Anyone can do it

Magic is humanity’s birthright. Magic doesn’t depend on gender, race, age, country, or cultural background. We don’t have to have been born into the right family to have the power. Magic doesn’t work only in a particular place, or a particular time, and it isn’t limited to practitioners of a particular religion or of any […]