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Babalon the Warrior

Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma. Wikimedia image

I sing of Babalon the warrior.

I sing of Babalon who wields the sword.

Her priestesses cry out against those who have transgressed against them.

“We came to you offering holy joy

and you have placed your eyes and hands on us against our will.

That which was divine turned corrupt in your hands.

You ripped from us what would have sustained us both.

Contemptuous and violent

you saw Our Lady in our faces

and believed She only marked us for your use.

We call on Her to hear us, protect us and heal us.

We call on Her to collect what is her due.”


Babalon rides the lion, she is the lion.

See her face change now to the lion’s face.

As Sekhmet she strides in from the desert, slaying.

Her terrible roar shatters bone and spills blood.

She rages against the unspeakable wrong.

“You who have placed your eyes and hands upon my priestesses

not in holy joy but against their will

committing the blasphemous act of violation

I have come to harvest your life.

Unexpected, unshriven, unwilling,

you will pay the tribute of your blood.”

Babalon rides the lion, She holds the cup,

She wields the sword, She harvests the life,

She gathers the blood, She swallows the soul.

Hail to the Lady of death and of life!

Hail to the flame which consumes that which threatens the balance!

Hail to the Red Lady in her righteous rage!

Even when that which is corrupt is purged Her rage continues.

She sees red and drinks blood and deals death.

Once Her slaughter has begun what can stop Her?

The violence offered to Her priestesses

has driven them from the holy office that saves us.

Without them, without Her, we will all die.

Babalon dances like Kali drunk on the blood of corruption.

What will turn her rage, what will save us?

Only when one comes who is the willing sacrifice,

who lays beneath Her feet so She can trample him

who offers the last drop of his blood to Her cup,

he is holy, he is sacred, he restores the balance.

Only when one comes who is the willing sacrifice,

who lays beneath Her feet so She can trample her,

who offers the last drop of her blood to Her cup,

she is holy, she is sacred, she restores the balance.

Only when one comes who is the willing sacrifice,

who lays beneath Her feet so She can trample them,

who offers the last drop of their blood to Her cup,

they are holy, they are sacred, they restore the balance.

Then Babalon becomes as Hathor, the Red Lady of Love.

Then Babalon becomes as Lalita, the Red Lady of Love.

Then Babalon becomes herself, the Red Lady of Love.

“I shine in the faces of my priestesses.

I shine in the faces of my priests.

I shine in the faces of my deacons.

For I am the holy joy which loosens limbs and softens hearts.

I am the promise of renewal and the source of immortality.

I am the surrender which is the victory of life over death.

Come to me with your love, withholding nothing.

Fall to your knees before My holy presence.

Recognize the awful power of my limitless yielding.

Experience the ecstasy of dissolution.

Spill into eternity in My arms.”


Kwan Yin prayer for protection of children taken from their parents

Kwan Yin, merciful goddess,
you who hear the voice of the world,
protector of children,
safeguard the children taken from their parents,
comfort them and sustain them,
bring them back quickly and safely to the families who love them.



Prayer to Hekate

Hail to you, Hekate,
Goddess of the crossroads,
Kouroutophe, nursemaid to the child,
Granter of victory in contest,
Mistress of the pharmakon.
Hekate Brimo, garlanded in snakes,
Lift your torches for me in my time
And guide me safely to the place of my kin.


Prayer to Pomona, Goddess of the Orchard

Nicolas Fouché [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Hail to thee Pomona!
Pomorum Patrona,
Guardian Goddess of the orchard,
With your gentle touch may our trees grow strong,
Free from blight,
And heavy with healthy fruit!


Invocation to the natural powers

I call on the powers that govern nature.
Let the rain fall and damp the fires.
Let the winds subside and the storms disperse.
Let the floods subside and the ground take in the water.
Let the shaking cease and the earth quiet.
Let the weather fall into accustomed patterns.


Working for Transpersonal Justice

CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons ">

By Ashu ryp (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Last night a friend of mine shared this working with me. He posted it to YouTube for people to participate in. This working can be done asynchronously, meaning any time you like, and each iteration makes the working more powerful.

It calls on the Hindu goddess Bagalamukhi. Shivashakti.com describes times to call on her protection: “…in the thick of war, in assemblies of thieves, in conflicts, in jail, on water, in magical attack, in litigation, in facing a king’s wrath, at the time of an ordeal, at night, in fetters or in paralysis, in the slaughter of battle amongst enemies…” My friend notes she is so powerful she is best suited for transpersonal workings; for example, you call on her to protect your country from invasion.

This working sacrifices your personal hate, fear, guilt and so on, giving them to the goddess. It asks her in return to protect us. You might dedicate this working in a transpersonal way to protect all those who are at risk from the tide of hate and fear that is sweeping America and the world.


Ritual to preserve Ma’at

From Wikimedia.

Imagine yourself holding a small image of Ma’at in your palm. Say out loud:

I offer Ma’at to Ma’at that Ma’at may be preserved.


How it works:

There are many images from ancient Egypt/Kemet of people with power (pharoahs, queens, priestesses and priests) making offerings to various deities. Offerings included food, drink and incense. In The Presentation of Ma’at: Ritual and Legitimacy in Ancient Egypt, Emily Teeter discusses another kind of offering: presenting a tiny image of Ma’at. In ancient Egypt/Kemet the goddess Ma’at embodied truth, justice, and the orderly pattern of the universe. So offering Ma’at was a way for the official to promise to uphold the principles of the orderly universe.

This ritual is a quick way to affirm our support for justice, peace, and the rule of law applied equally and fairly to all.


Prayer to Hermes for effective speech

We all face times when it is important for us to be heard and to be believed. At those times I turn to Hermes who the Greeks called “friendliest of the gods to people”. He was known to the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, medieval Europe, straight through to today where he continues to be a lively presence in the world.

Times you might call on Hermes:

  • A job interview
  • Appearing in court
  • Proposing marriage
  • Negotiating an agreement

I call on him every morning before I start my round of petition signing and phone calls!

This working can be as elaborate or simple as you like. You can make an altar with a statue of Hermes , light a candle, and write out what you want by hand. Or you can pull up an image on your computer and type the result you want. Hermes is at home on the internet!

Prayer to Hermes

Hail Hermes,
Graceful god,
Friend to the people and guide.
Hear the words I speak and aid me.
Let my words be received,
Let my message be believed,
Let my speech make the change I seek,
Bring me success.
Friend to the people and guide,
I honor you and thank you.

Offering: you can offer incense, candle flame, simple food like bread and drink like water, milk or wine. You can also post about him and bring his image and power to others.

How do you make offerings to Hermes?