Secrets of Magic 7: Ask for what you want

With magic we can accomplish anything we want. We already know that we always have access to the information we need to do the magic we want to do. The secret of magic is to figure out what it is we want to use the magic to accomplish. Once the goal is clear, almost all the work is already done.

If you could do anything you want you—if you had all the money in the world, all your time was free, and you had no obligations to anyone else—what one thing would you want to do right now?

It may be that the answer to that question is immediately apparent. You might want to pay off debts, get a new job, or recover from an injury or illness. Anything that threatens our basic health or security is an immediate need.

It may be that the question reminds you of a dream you have put aside. You might think about jumping on a plane to a distant city, or going back to school, or starting your own business.

It may be that you don’t have an immediate answer to that question. We all live with the expectations of our families, our employers, our friends. We are used to dealing with necessity rather than dreaming about possibilities. This is the time to dare to dream. Let your mind wander. What adventures would you have if you could do anything you want to do?


I know what I want.

Write this affirmation on a sticky note or 3×5 card and put it where you can see it every day. Repeat the affirmation every day for a week.

Practice: What I want
Write a journal entry to answer the question, “If I could do anything I want, the one thing I would do right now is…”

This is a good question to add to your daily journal entry. You don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about the question, just record the first answer that pops into your mind.

Secret of Magic 6: Trust yourself

There are many magical paths. Some of them are easy to walk on our own. Others require guidance from more experienced practitioners.

No matter what magical path you choose, and however knowledgeable your advisor is, you are always the person who knows best what you need to do. You know what is working well for you and what isn’t working out.

That doesn’t mean that we have nothing to learn, or that we can’t learn from another person. A particular teacher may ask us to take something on faith for a period of time to try out a new skill or to push beyond our comfort zone. It does mean that if someone asks us to do something that violates our ethical standards, or asks us to give them more than we are willing to pay for our lessons, we can and should say no to them. Magical teaching doesn’t have to be painful or expensive – it should be interesting and fun.

If your magical instructor isn’t providing you with more information than you had when you started, leave! Find another teacher. If the book you are reading doesn’t seem to help you, put it down!

Most importantly, listen to the inner voice pointing you in a particular direction. The best gift we can give ourselves is to cultivate our own intuition and tap into the wellsprings of wisdom in all of us.


I am my own best teacher.

Write this affirmation on a sticky note or 3×5 card and put it where you can see it every day. Repeat the affirmation every day for a week.

Practice: My teachers

For your next journal entry think about your favorite teacher. This can be a teacher from school or college, a private tutor, or someone giving informal classes through a college extension, bookstore, or even in their home. What did you learn from that person? Was that person a good teacher for you? What techniques did they use, and how did they approach their students? Write a list of the actions and characteristics that they used in teaching you.

Now think about your least favorite teacher. What did you learn from that person? Did you learn as much as you did from your favorite teacher? What techniques and approaches did they use? Write a list of the actions and characteristics that person used in teaching you.

We can learn from teachers we don’t like. Was your favorite teacher your best teacher? Most of us learn most comfortably from instructors whose teaching style matches our learning style. A teacher who works well with one student may not be the best teacher for another.

These journal entries can start you thinking about how to evaluate the people who teach you to make sure they are right for you.

Secret of Magic 5: Accept Guidance

Magic is composed of three things:

  • The power of the universe
  • The knowledge of how to access it
  • The skill to use it

The power of the universe is available to everyone all the time. The skill to use it comes with our magical practices. But how do we get the knowledge of how to access it?

There are many forms of information available to us today. There are books, classes, teachers, and groups. How can we tell which of these is right for us?

Each of us learns differently. Some of us prefer to read about a subject and learn on our own. Others of us need to attend a class with a lot of people. Or we might learn best in one-on-one sessions with a coach or mentor.

There are many ways we can assimilate new knowledge and skills. We might prefer to sit and listen to someone talk about the subject. We might want someone to demonstrate a skill to us so that we can watch it. Or we might want to jump right in and practice the skills ourselves. Some or all of these might work for us with different subjects and at different moments in our lives.

Guidance doesn’t have to be formal. The power of synchronicity brings us the information we need at the moment we can accept it. Someone might say something to us that suddenly makes an idea clear to us.

There are more sources of guidance than books or the people around us. We may find ourselves in contact with other beings—spirit guides, angels, deities, our Higher Self, whatever words we use to describe the wisdom of the universe.

Once we accept magic into our lives, we discover that the guidance we need has always been around us, and we can begin to tap into that guidance to learn what we need to know.


I find the guidance I need when I need it.

Write this affirmation on a sticky note or 3×5 card and put it where you can see it every day. Repeat the affirmation every day for a week.

Practice: How I learn

Think about the ways you have learned in the past that have worked for you. Do you prefer to read about a subject, to take a class, or to have a private lesson with a teacher?

When you have taken classes or lessons, what learning style has worked best for you? Do you prefer to listen to a lecture, watch a demonstration, or practice a skill while your teacher is nearby to coach you?

When you have thought about the times you have successfully learned something, write a journal entry describing your learning style. This can help you figure out your best path to learn about magic.

Secrets of Magic 4: Write it down

Keeping a journal is one of the easiest and most enjoyable secrets of magic to learn. Journals help us keep track of the magic we are doing, explore our feelings, mine our experiences for insights, and reach silent and hidden parts of ourselves. Over time journals allow us to trace our magical development and detect patterns in our lives. Journals can help us set magical goals and figure out what we really want.

There are many ways to keep a journal. Some people prefer to write with pen on paper. Some people like beautiful bound books that draw them in to write with their sheer beauty. Others prefer inexpensive steno books and scratchpads that they can use up quickly. Still others prefer to keep their journals electronically, typing them directly into a file. Some people create web blogs to share with the world, while others keep their journals strictly private. The best journal for you is the one that will get you to write in it!

We can use our journal to record the affirmations we make. Writing our affirmations helps us to get clearer on what we want them to say. Seeing the words on the page or screen makes the affirmation more real in our lives.


I write in my journal every day.

Practice: Keeping a journal

Write a journal entry every day this week. It can be as little as one line or fill many pages. It can be about anything at all. If you’re stuck for how to start, try answering some or all of these questions. The answers to these questions will help you make affirmations. Some of the answers will also provide material for your study of the elements in your life.

Journal questions

  • Date: What day and date is it? Include the year.
  • Place: Where are you? At home, at a coffee shop, at school?
  • Weather: What is the weather like today?
  • Body/Earth: How is your body feeling? Are you tired, hungry, cold, under the weather? Or are you well rested, well fed, warm, and healthy?
  • Feeling/Water: Without thinking about it, quickly write the first word that comes to mind to describe your emotional state.
  • Thinking/Air: What did you notice today you hadn’t seen before? Did you learn something new?
  • Passion/Fire: What interested you today? Did you encounter something that was exciting to you?

Secrets of Magic 3: Practice matters more than talent

All we have to do to begin to use magic is to decide to do it. It is also true that we become more skilled in creating magic over time and with practice. For example, to learn to visualize, we close our eyes and make images.

Each of us learns differently. Some things will come easier than others to every one of us. Some people visualize easily on the first try, others of us must do visualization practices over and over until we can hold images in our minds, and some of us insist we can’t visualize at all.

Some people believe that they don’t have to practice at all, because their natural talent will let them do magic without any special effort or thought on their parts. They may be able to achieve some results, but they may also be surprised at how hard it is to try to work with magic without any training or experience. Talent does exist, but it isn’t the most important factor in learning to use magic. The most talented musicians practice many hours of scales every day. In just the same way the most successful magicians practice magical skills every day.

Also, just because we learn one particular skill easily doesn’t mean that we do everything equally well. The person who visualizes on the first try might find it much harder to learn to feel magical energy. Lack of talent in one area is often compensated by talent in other areas.

No matter how much or how little magical talent we have, if we faithfully practice magic every day, we will get better at making magic.


I practice magic every day.

Write this affirmation on a sticky note or 3×5 card and put it where you can see it every day. Repeat the affirmation every day for a week.

Practice: Continue affirmations

So far we’ve learned three affirmations:

  • Magic is my birthright.
  • Magic happens in my life right now.
  • I practice magic every day.

Continue to repeat the affirmations. You can repeat all three each day, or just repeat the affirmations that you particularly liked.

Secrets of Magic 2: It starts now

Magic is both complicated and simple. In its complicated form, it is wonderfully expandable, with enough history and practice to keep us happily busy for a lifetime. In its simple form, we can pick it up and put it to work right away, this very moment.

You might need to make a change in your life. You might know what it is, or you might just know that your life needs to be different. That change can begin right now. As you read through the secrets, say the affirmations, and do the practices, the magical transformation begins.

It may be that there is one issue at the top of your mind right now. You might know what it is. Or, you could have an idea that there is something you need to pay attention to, without being clear on exactly what has sparked that thought.

You might just want to experiment with magic. What is this thing? What can it do? What can we do with it? Whether you have never practiced any magic before, or have been working with magic for many decades, you can always approach magic with a fresh mind, willing to explore the possibilities magic places in our hands.


Magic happens in my life right now.

Write this affirmation on a sticky note or 3×5 card and put it where you can see it every day. Repeat the affirmation every day for a week.

Practice: Invoke the magic

Buy, make, or dedicate an item of clothing that makes you feel like you are making magic when you wear it. This can be a piece of jewelry, like a ring or a glitzy necklace. It can be a robe or caftan. It can even be a pointy wizard’s hat!

Set aside a spot for your magical gear. You might find a spot on a shelf, or use a small storage box, or clear out a corner in a dresser.

In the morning, put on your item of magical clothing and say, “I find a magical thing today.” As you go through your day, working, shopping, walking outside, be alert for magical moments. You might find a penny, a leaf, a feather. You might see a cloud shaped like a flower or catch the first glimpse of the evening star. You might hear a bird’s lyrical song or a frog’s croak.

If you find an item and decide to take it home, store it in your magical gear space. If you decide not to take the item home, or you see or hear something magical, remember it as you go to sleep each night.

Secrets of Magic 1: Anyone can do it

Magic is humanity’s birthright. Magic doesn’t depend on gender, race, age, country, or cultural background. We don’t have to have been born into the right family to have the power. Magic doesn’t work only in a particular place, or a particular time, and it isn’t limited to practitioners of a particular religion or of any religion. Every person, man or woman, black or white, eastern or western, at any age, with any physical or mental condition, has the ability and the right to make magic.

Doing magic doesn’t mean we have to cast spells or perform complex rituals. We can do those things, and our magic may work through spells and rituals, but they do not cause the magic to happen, they are just the expression of magic, the channel in which magic flows.

Magic is composed of three things: the energy of the universe, the knowledge of how to access it, and the skill to use it. The power of the universe is available everywhere, all the time. Information about how to tap into it is widely available. Every human can learn how to put that information into action.


Magic is my birthright.

Practice: Say an affirmation

Say the affirmation to yourself. Copy the affirmation on a sticky note or 3×5 card and tape it somewhere you can see it every day. Repeat the affirmation once a day for a week. Say it out loud at least once a day. You can say it silently to yourself as often as you like.