Voice of Olympus – Episode 84, October 17 2017. I talk colors, theurgy, the intersection between sacred and worldly work, and more with Hercules Invictus on the Voice of Olympus show.

Voice of Olympus – Episode 67, June 20 2017, In my interview for Voice of Olympus, I speak with Hercules Invictus on relationships with the gods, the importance of differing perspectives, and more.

The Science of Magic with Gwilda Wiyaka – Episode 152, Feb. 9 2017. Gwilda Wiyaka of The Science of Magic Radio asked excellent questions. We dive deep into the fundamental concepts guiding the theurgic relationship to the divine. Check it out!

Voice of Olympus – Episode 43, Jan. 4 2017 Hercules Invictus and Athena Victory broadcast the Voice of Olympus every Monday. It was such a treat to talk to such educated and devoted people! I can’t wait for the next time I get to talk to them.

Magical Experiments: Theurgical Experiments, interview by Taylor Ellwood, December 12, 2016. Taylor asks such great questions, I had a blast!

Intuitive Ink: interview by Servet, Oct. 16. My favorite moment of this show is when a caller asked about my book Practical Magic for Beginners. I love connecting with people who are doing the work!

Eccentric Entrepreneurs, the Business of Book Launching: interview by Taylor Ellwood, Oct. 11, with Lasara Firefox Allen. Lasara’s newest book Jailbreaking the Goddess launched as a Pagan best-seller, and my latest book For the Love of the Godshit Amazon best seller on launch day too. We talked to Taylor about our strategies for bringing out our books to the widest possible audience.

Stooping Starlight: interview by Lauren Gardner, Autumn Equinox. Lauren is one of my dear Thelemic sisters. This is an intimate heart-to-heart chat – that Lauren recorded! I hope you take the time to check out Stooping Starlight, it’s right at the forefront of new Thelemic thought.

Raise the Horns: interview by Jason Mankey, Sept. 15. Jason said he never gets to talk about Crowley, so we talked about Crowley!

OM Times: interview by Victor Fuhrman, Sept. 14. I felt as if Victor was a brother I hadn’t met yet. He’s a true spiritual wise man. It was an honor to get to talk to him.