When I say women’s magic I don’t mean:

  • Only women can do some kinds of magic
  • Women can only do certain kinds of magic
  • Women’s magic is limited to embodying the Divine Feminine

I do mean:

  • Women can do any kind of magic
  • There are many genders and each of us has the right to self-select our gender
  • Any gender can embody the Divine Feminine

I am a gender nonconforming woman past childbearing age without children (I make a great aunt). I do not define my magic by the ability to give physical life to others but by the works of intellect and my direct contact with spirit.

The Woman Magician is an extended exploration of gender. While I wrote that book I also edited Women’s Voices in Magic, creating space for women to speak about their traditional and innovative magical paths and providing a circle of support for the exploration of women’s magic. I work to establish women as magicians in our own right and challenge gender limitations in magic.


The Woman Magician

Women's Voices In Magic