Secrets of Magic 16: Touch the earth

Humans are spiritual beings, but we are also physical creatures, with bodies, living in a physical world. When we remember to honor our bodies, our families, and our connections to the Earth, we tap into some of the deepest magical secrets. Human life is embedded in the web of life that sustains the earth. Each […]

The mission of my writing

I am a writer with a mission. All my books have a purpose. They form a story arc and contribute to the overall theme. That mission is to re-vision Western magic. That sounds pretty grand, and maybe it is! I’ve been living with the idea so long that it seems natural to me. I had […]

How Zeus Became Wise by Swallowing a Goddess

It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that Zeus would turn out to be a wise and just king. After all he came from a line of gods who were tyrants and acted to protect their own power. In fact he started out that way himself. Then something changed. The story actually starts with his grandparents, Ouranos […]

Secrets of Magic 15: Make space

However small or big the changes magic makes in our lives, any change requires some scope to manifest. We can help the magic manifest the change we want by making space for it. Here is a simple example. Suppose we decide we want a new stereo system. Where will we put it once we get […]

Secrets of Magic 14: Take it in steps

Some of us have great imaginations and a lot of self-confidence. We can take large steps toward achieving our dreams. For others of us it is hard to accept a large change in our lives so quickly. For example, imagine a future in which you have won the lottery. Do you see negative as well […]

What Does the Stele of Revealing Reveal About Reincarnation?

By ILAOSVSen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

When Crowley saw this object he did not immediately recollect an image of a past life. His identification with the priest of the stele emerged as the entity Aiwass dictated to him Liber al vel Legis, the Book of the Law. Chapter I says: 35. This that thou writest is the threefold book of Law. […]

Secrets of Magic 13: Dream big

Life presents us with many challenges. We might be struggling to regain our health, recover from a bad relationship, take care of people who depend on us, move out of poverty, establish physical safety for ourselves and our families. These immediate needs focus our everyday efforts and energy. Magic helps us to meet those challenges. […]

Learning about choice from an interactive game

Last night I played straight through a game. It’s an interactive novel called Creatures Such As We. I was searching for a game that wasn’t a shooter or an endless runner or a puzzle but a story. I also wanted a game where women were actually people and not just props to be killed or […]


Was Aleister Crowley a Witch?

Aleister Crowley from Wikimedia Commons

Gardner’s version of his meeting with Crowley Gerald Gardner met Aleister Crowley in the last year of his life. We know that Crowley initiated Gardner into the O.T.O. and issued him a charter to form an O.T.O. camp. There are persistent stories that the initiatory currents went both ways – not only was Gardner an […]

Secrets of Magic 12: Frame and focus

One of the secrets to creating powerful affirmations is to specify the result that we want and leave open the specifics of how the affirmation will manifest. Suppose you want a new job. You look in the paper and find a job that you think is exactly right. You make an affirmation, “I get the […]


Prayer to Hermes for effective speech

We all face times when it is important for us to be heard and to be believed. At those times I turn to Hermes who the Greeks called “friendliest of the gods to people”. He was known to the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, medieval Europe, straight through to today where he continues to be a lively presence […]


Was Gerald Gardner head of the O.T.O.?

Aleister Crowley from Wikimedia Commons

Many Witches are unaware how deeply involved Gerald Gardner was with Ordo Templi Orientis. How Gardner came to think of himself of head of the O.T.O. in Europe, however briefly, shines a light on Gardner’s wide contacts in the esoteric communities, the last days of Aleister Crowley’s life, and the chaos caused by the Second […]