Ecstatic RitualEcstatic Ritual: Practical Sex Magic remains one of the few books to discuss sex magic from an inclusive viewpoint. The book tackles same sex energy sharing as well as the topic of safe magical sex. The beautiful cover art is drawn by my sister Kris Leet.

From ancient temple dwellers to modern urban residents, priests, poets and people from all walks of life have looked to sexuality to aid them in connecting with the Divine. In a subject previously obscured by foreign terms and deliberate ‘blinds’ for the uninitiated, Ecstatic Ritual offers the reader clear, concise exercises and ritual forms which comprise a full understanding of sacred and magical sexuality. Heterosexual, gay and lesbian magicians, in couples or singly, explore a magical system which methodically explains the worship of and union with the Divine in each person. This updated second edition includes expanded material, a new introduction by the author, an annotated bibliography and an index.

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