Practical Magic

Practical magic is the most important magic we do. As long as we are physical beings we need food and shelter, a place to live, good health, friendship and love.

Practical magic is sometimes called “low magic” which implies that it is less important than other kinds of magic. Another way to look at it is that practical magic provides the basic necessities for a spiritual life. Sure, magic has lofty goals, but we need a solid foundation in the real world to enable us to leap up into the heights.

Practical magic is sometimes called “thaumaturgy” which literally means “miracles”. That’s not to say that it is religious. The system described in Practical Magic for Beginners draws on the combined powers of the elements and the planets to accomplish individual goals. The techniques in the book lay the groundwork for further exploration in any of the Western magical paths: Wicca and Witchcraft, Paganism, and Ceremonial Magic.

The rites in the book address a variety of practical goals. The simple rite below gives an example of the work and gives you a jump start to address what you need the most right now.

Ritual: I need it right now

Focus on one immediate need that is your most urgent focus. Write a single sentence that describes this.

  • Money right now to (whatever you need: pay a bill, take a class, give a gift)
  • A job that pays my bills where I am appreciated
  • A safe and comfortable place to live
  • Healing for (whatever you need: an injury, illness, chronic issue management)
  • A friend to help me settle into my new community

Take a white votive candle. Draw an infinity sign on it with the tip of a knife.

Hold your hands over the candle and say: “I dedicate this candle to spirit.”

Light the candle and say: Spirit, forces of the elements and forces of the planets, help me find what I need to be healthy, prosperous, loving and loved. Help me (say the sentence that describes your immediate need.)

Contemplate the candle for a moment. Exhale your anxiety and stress. Take a deep breath and feel the influx of energy from the powers of spirit.

When you are done, blow out the candle and say, I thank the powers of spirit for your aid.

Repeat daily as long as necessary. Once the first need is met you can write a new sentence describing your next most important need.


Practical Magic

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